keegan allen does an ariana grande impression on keek

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inspired by [xx]

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Friend: "You should check out this new show it's awesome"
Me: "I don't know, I'm already watching so many"
Friend: "It's got a great storyline"
Me: ..
Friend: "There is a lesbian couple"
Me: *aggressively binge watches six seasons in a week*
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Hey, adults of the world

How about instead of making kids terrified to ever fuck up

You teach them how to cope with the aftermath of fucking up and fix it as best they can

That way they’re not so overwhelmed with anxiety every time there’s even so much as a chance of making mistakes that they never try anything and dread making decisions because of it


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>gettin hot and heavy w/ a girl

>she then tells me to talk dirty

>tell her that 10% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions are stored in dirt

>she’s still turned on and now she knows a little more about mother earth

>copulate and educate

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long story short, don’t ever start cutting

This is important

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when the teacher asks you to answer the question because you weren’t paying attention but you know the answer


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So youre saying if i get a tattoo i’ll never have to work another day in my life

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school supply list:

  • headphones
  • portable charger
  • knife
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"how old are you?"

"It’s a secret :3"

"aiight so either 12 or 40 got it"

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